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Spring Clean Your Way to Success

With spring fever in the air, many of us are doing our HAPPY dance (I can hear Pharrell in the background now). We are shaking away the winter blues that lingered among us longer than we liked. Like the masses, we are doing the ritualistic “Spring Cleaning”, shedding clothes that we absolutely can’t fit and tossing items we no longer want in our homes. Sounds fun, right?

However, this post is related to a Spring Cleaning that we all should think about doing – the cleaning of our soul!

Think about this – we hear every New Year of resolutions that people make, many of them broken by 12:01am on January 2nd. I was one who would set resolutions, only to have them broken within the month of January. Based on past behaviors and experiences, I have found that my greatest ideas and goals accomplished coincide with “Spring Cleaning”. I have a personal ritual that I use to prepare myself to experience much success.

First, I re-establish my purpose. This is done by fasting, praying and journaling. I also incorporate meditation and reading during this time.

Next, I shed! I shed any and all things unnecessary to have in my quest for excellence. This includes people, bad habits, things, etc.. Carrying dead weight only holds you back from your destiny.

Finally, I get to work! After I figure out what projects need to be started, I just do it. I throw myself into what needs to be done. Of course, I always have accountability buddies assigned to help me stay focused, as well as do a regular PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) session with me. I then journal the process and my progress.

As we prepare to do our Spring Cleaning, let’s not only do the household cleaning, but the interior and exterior cleaning of our lives and souls. Let’s set and accomplish the goals and dreams within our hearts and spirits!

Happy Cleaning!

General Leadership

Real Leaders Inspire CHANGE

Real Leaders Inspire CHANGE

The more things don’t change, the more they stay the same. Real leaders inspire change and not staying in the same boat you started in. Leadership IS ever-changing, yet always inspiring! People who are willing to step up to the plate and serve in leadership must be willing to set the standard, even raising the bar for your followers and emerging leaders. If you want to be successful, inspire CHANGE!