About The LeaderStyle

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what it means to be a leader? Are you currently a leader looking for more insight and information about your craft? If you answered YES to one or both of these questions, this blog is for you!

I was someone that wanted to learn more about leadership. I am still that woman who thirsts after learning more about how to become a better leader. I do believe that people are born into leadership – but not always by birthright. When you accept the call to become a leader, you are officially birthed as a leader, whether you are  two years old – or 102 years old. My first “official” leadership position was being appointed by my pastor as our youth ministry chair – at the age of 14. During that time, there wasn’t as much information available about being a leader as there is today – but we also didn’t have resources like the world wide web and smart phones either at that time. I learned how to be a leader the old fashioned way… I was “taught” leadership… and later in life, I had to “unlearn” much of what I was taught.

Fast forward to 2009… Seventeen years after my first leadership post, I was appointed to an Area Governor position in Toastmasters. This position catapulted my path to the leader I am today. For the last nine years, I have been either appointed, or elected into leadership positions – the most prominent being District Governor of District 10. This is a position that I won unanimously and ran with no opposition. On election day, I thought I had “arrived” as a person and a leader. I made my own history that day being the youngest (at that time), the 17th woman, and second woman of color elected to this role. It was in this role, I was presented with some of the most difficult challenges as a leader and a person, learned some of the most deepest lessons, and had to mature into a thought-provoking leader. ” The LeaderStyle” was birthed based on this experience.

It is my hope that the stories shared on this blog will inspire you to birth your inner-leadership skills. Many are called, yet few answer the call of being a leader. For the record, the position “leader” is not to be compared or liken to the role of “manager” – they are definitely different. Feel free to comment on what you see posted, as well as ask questions. I look forward to helping you be “Inspired to Lead.”


Deonna Moore Taylor


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